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Enhanced Flavor & Aroma

The extra-fine hex mesh design of the Bathala Botanicals Tea Strainer ensures that even the smallest tea leaves and particles are efficiently strained, preventing any residue from ending up in your cup. This meticulous straining process allows for a clearer tea with full flavor and aroma, providing a more enjoyable and refined tea-drinking experience.

Convenience & Ease of Use

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Bathala Botanicals Tea Strainer is simple to use and clean. The hex mesh design combined with its sturdy design allows for easy handling and maintenance. Whether you're steeping a cup at home or in the office, this tea strainer fits a wide variety of mugs and pots, making it versatile for any tea-drinking scenario.

Durability & Sustainability

Crafted from high quality 304 stainless steel, the Bathala Botanicals Tea Strainer is designed to last without affecting the flavor of your tea. This offers an eco-friendly alternative to disposable tea bags and less durable steepers. The robust construction ensures that the strainer maintains its shape and effectiveness over a long period of time, even with daily use.

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